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TV Installation Service

Build your ideal entertainment area. Call West Mississauga Handyman for professional television installation today.

Today’s televisions are thinner and boast sharper displays than ever before. However, these stunning high-definition sets can be cumbersome, making moving and installation challenging for some. Additionally, television installation on an angled wall, uneven surface, or window frame may add to the difficulty.

TV Mounting Service

Fortunately, West Mississauga Handyman can help. We offer professional TV installation services to make setting up your entertainment area a breeze. Call today for estimates and pricing information.


Common DIY TV Installation Mistakes

Having your TV installed by a professional handyman helps prevent many common mistakes during DIY TV mount jobs.

Unstable TV Mount

A properly-mounted TV should stay securely fitted to the mounting brackets, wall, or mounting surface. With improper installations, screws and mounting brackets may come loose, causing the TV to fall.

Skip the risk of a broken TV by using professional handyman services to get a secure installation.

Crooked TV Mount

Many DIY installs result in crooked screens. Correcting this issue damages the wall or mounting surface; fixing the level takes time and tools. Save time and money on wall repairs by calling West Mississauga Handyman.

Cluttered Appearance

Many people rush into TV installation, neglecting to conceal or secure wires. This leads to a messy look and can distract or take away from the room’s aesthetic appeal. Additionally, exposed wires can pose safety hazards for children and pets. You can avoid these risks by concealing or adequately securing all cables and wires.

Improper Wiring

Some TV installations require professional wiring, but this process can be hazardous and challenging. For example, improper wiring can result in blown fuses, damaged televisions, electrical arcs, and other problems. Avoid these risks by speaking with professional handyman technicians before and during your TV placement.

Benefits of a Professional TV Wall Installation

Many owners attempt DIY TV mounts and installations. However, mounting a TV presents many challenges that owners can avoid using a professional TV installation service. The benefits of hiring a professional handyman service for even simple installations include:

  • Secure installation on various surfaces, including brick, drywall, plaster, wood, etc.
  • Expert cord concealment
  • Recommendations regarding outlets and wires
  • Safe tilting for easy viewing
  • Easy installation in challenging locations such as fireplace mantles, angled walls, etc.
  • Multi-room setup in a single visit
  • Guaranteed services and warranties
  • Easy lifting of even the largest TVs
  • Installation of fixed, retracting, and movable mounts

While hiring a professional handyman service might seem unnecessary, relying on these trained technicians to properly install your televisions can save you time and money on repair bills. Don’t get stuck with a broken TV due to a bad install. Call and ask about our handyman services today.

Find Expert Handyman Services in Your Area

Don’t let improper TV installation put you or your property at risk. Take the weight off your shoulders by trusting a professional handyman service for all your television installs.

Get quality service fast by calling West Mississauga Handyman at (416) 457-8030 for expert television installs.

TV Installation

Our professional TV Installation Service can make a big difference in your home. Hide those ugly cords and create a clean living room.

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