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Garden Hose Holder Installation

A high-quality hose reel keeps your garden hose handy while reducing the chance of trips and falls and damage to your lawn or garden. West Mississauga Handyman can help to install your garden hose holder in Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Garden Hose Holder Install

What is a Hose Butler?

The hose may be organized and properly coiled and uncoiled with the use of a hose butler, sometimes referred to as a hose reel.

Where Should a Hose Holder be Placed?

The faucet should be within the reach of the hose at a comfortable height. If your home has aluminum, wood, or vinyl siding, the holder should be situated on the thin top edge of the horizontal siding. If your home is brick, the holder should be placed on the brick itself rather than the mortar.

How High Should a Garden Hose Hanger be?

As long as the hose reel is positioned upright on a firm surface, you should be okay. There is no prerequisite height for installation. It is desirable for the opening to be at a height where the user’s hand will be, however, this is merely a general rule.

Garden Hose Holder Installation

Are you tired of dealing with kinks in your hose? Do you want a better way to store you hose? Give us a call!

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